• Leslie Deere - Chasing the Neon Rainbow
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Chasing the Neon Rainbow

Dimensions variable.

Rotating Leslie Speaker, Microphone, Mixer, Projection

This work was my contribution to the Pigdog & Monkeyfestos exhibition at AirSpace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent and Phoenix Gallery, Exeter. The large group show, curated by artists Doyle & Mallinson, is a continuation of their two part manifesto zine.

My piece is about language and interpretation in sound art. For my printed contribution, I sampled text from contemporary sonic art literature, juxtaposing my own words into the writing.

Chasing the Neon Rainbow has two sound components. The first is a reinterpretation of my writing as sound by friends, fellow artists, drag queens and musicians.

Using chance operations, I randomly selected words from my manifesto and names of friends. This resulted in asking Patrick (for example), if the Higgs boson was a sound, what sound would it be? A selection of these interpretations can be heard in a sequence from the original rotating Leslie speaker, which interacts with other sound works in the gallery.

The suspended microphone offers the primary sound source. It is live and picks up ambient noise in the room. People are invited to speak into it, amplifying their words through the Leslie. In this way, their voices and everything in the space at any given time become part of the artwork.

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