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8 Channel sound installation.
Found Cassette Tape.
Collaged audio.
Found Fluorescent light bulbs.
Reclaimed reflective and translucent materials.
3000 square foot warehouse space.

Using reclaimed industrial materials, the natural acoustics of the space and reappropriated contexts for such spaces.

Almost all materials, including sound, where acquired at a local Stoke shop called the Scrap Shack. They sell donated off cuts and wastage materials from similar places to where this exhibition took place. All the employees volunteer and they have making classes of all sorts.

This installation also references the 90s warehouse scene in Stoke, specifically a place called Shelley's Laserdome.

Utilizing as much in situ as possible, on a sunny day the fan becomes a projector, refracting light off of certain modified surfaces.

Proud to be one of five artists that took part in the inaugural year of this new artist residency in Stoke-on-Trent called KULES.

Edited experimental version.
Featured on Bob & Roberta Smith's
Resonance FM show - Make Your Own Damn Music, 11.11.14