New Ideas

Next phase idea - Gestural Audio-Visuals in VR 

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Project Outline

This idea consists of a performer and seated audience, which are networked to the performer’s VR system. The performer uses hand movements and gesture to produce and process VR visuals and sounds in real-time.

​Visually, this work avoids figurative objects and instead focuses on bold colours and particle trails of light. As the performer moves throughout the space, vibrant ribbons of colour are produced and transmit to audience headsets. The performer will be able to envelop an audience member with colour, surrounding them with saturated light. Sounds and tones will occur in tandem with the performer’s movements and emit through a high quality audio system. The audience will essentially be sitting inside a live improvised sound installation, accompanied by mesmeric VR visuals.

​There will be seven scenes, each with a different palette and mood. This will be organised through the Newtonian colour spectrum - moving from Red to Orange to Yellow to Green etc.

​The goal of this idea is to evoke an altered state experience, using technology as a vehicle for immersion. This work aims to create a meditative or contemplative encounter utilising sound, frequency, light and the colour spectrum.

​A key element is the group aspect, which will generate a shared group experience. VR group gaming is an inspiration, while developing a new paradigm for group meditation.


Performance In-Person Mockup