Gestural Audio-Visuals in VR

Happy to announce Array Infinitive was installed in the Glasgow Project Room from 15 - 24 November 2022. During this time I tried some new things out including visual fx, haze machines, lighting and a full sound bath collaboraation. It was a great success. Thanks to the University of Glasgow Psychedelic Society for taking part and for all the visitors who came down.  

Collaboration with Glasgow Sound Bath
Demo for University of Glasgow Psychedelic Society
Chakrafit came down to see the work.
In between sound bath sessions.
Play the colours.
Installation view - Green Scene
Collaboration with Glasgow Sound Bath
MFA Participant from Glasgow School of Art
Catherine Van Olden
Demo for University of Glasgow Psychedlic Society

Array Infinitive (Public Beta)  at CCA Glasgow

Public Beta film by Paradax Period, CCA Glasgow

PostGrad at Iklectik London

On Tuesday 26th July 2022 at Iklectik London three artists presented a night of innovative work and research into technology, performance, film and sound. Anna Nazo, Josefina Camus and Leslie Deere presented major new projects that explore live audio-visuals, AI, VR and moving image through practice-based research. AI generated poetry with CGI brainwaves, an ambisonic VR colour/sound bath, and an autoethnographic film navigating the coastal forest of Valdivia, Chile with live feed from South America. 

Happy to have shown Array Infinitive

at the Breaking Convention 2022 afterparty. 

Project Outline

This project consists of a performer and seated audience, which are networked to the performer’s VR system on a local network. The performer uses hand movements and gesture to produce and process VR visuals and sounds in real-time.

​Visually, this work avoids figurative objects and instead focuses on bold colours and particle trails of light. As the performer moves throughout the space, vibrant ribbons of colour are produced and transmit to audience headsets. The performer will be able to envelop an audience member with colour, surrounding them with saturated light. Sounds and tones occur in tandem with the performer’s movements and emit through a high quality audio system. The audience is essentially sitting inside a live improvised sound installation, accompanied by mesmeric VR visuals.

​There are seven scenes, each with a different palette and mood. This is organised through the colour spectrum or chakra system - moving from Red to Orange to Yellow to Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

​The goal of this project is to evoke an altered state experience, using technology as a vehicle for immersion. This work aims to create a meditative or contemplative encounter utilising sound, frequency, light and the colour spectrum.

​A key element is the group aspect, which generates a shared group experience. group gaming and meditation is an inspiration, while developing a new paradigm for perspective bending, consciousness exploring artworks.



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Array Infinitive